Roof Repairs

Get an inspection with a qualified roof plumber

Stop leaks and repair damage to your roof before it's too late

Leak detection and Diagnostics

Our expert team of damage assessors will give a full diagnosis of the problem including any action which needs to be taken to make your roof safe and compliant with Australian standards. Determining the source of the issue and addressing it head on is what we’ll do to ensure that any problems are fixed without the need for any rework.

Safety & Compliance

We take safety and compliance very seriously and we treat your roof with the utmost priority when it comes to carrying out repair work. Although we understand the urgency with some roof repairs, we do not take shortcuts and ensure that all of our jobs, be it repairs or anything else, are carried out with safety and compliance in mind.

Water Ingress

Whether due to time or due to a botched install, water ingress needs to be tracked down immediately and attended to, to prevent further damage to the surrounding area. It is also a source of damp which could have a slower but damaging effect on a household. With the right diagnosis and action plan, we will ensure that water ingress doesn’t occur again.

Leaks & Further Damage

Roof leaks can cause all sorts of damage if left untreated. Age is a common reason for roofs to leak and often goes unnoticed by homeowners especially if they have just bought the house. Other common cause of leaks include unsealed or damaged flashing, missing tiles or clogged gutters – to name a few. Get in touch with us and we’ll carry out an honest inspection of what needs repairing

Roof Repairs

BTK provide repairs for all types of roofing. If you want to stop damage in its tracks and ensure your roof does not need to be replaced, contact us immediately if you notice the following.

Leaking Roof

This indicates there is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately to avoid further damage to your roof, ceiling and the interior of your home.

Water on your electrical wires can also pose a serious hazard.

Contact us if you notice any leaks in your roof, sagging or water damage to your ceiling.

Drafts Entering Through Your Roof

This could simply be a loose tile or a small hole in your roof. This is easily fixed if the problem is identified and addressed early.

Mould On Your Roof OR CIELING

This may indicate potential water damage. A simple inspection can lead to a cost effective solution.